New Sherlock Holmes Mysteries by Craig Stephen Copland

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The Adventure of the Pinched Palimpsest

Three students from Oxford break into the British Museum. The next day, they are charged with the murder of a Museum guard.At Oxford University, an influential professor has been proselytizing for anarchism. Three naive students fall for his doctrines and decide to engage in direct action by stealing priceless artifacts from the British Museum, returning them to the oppressed people from whom their colonial masters stole them. In the midst of their caper, a museum guard is shot dead and they are charged with the murder. After being persuaded by a vulnerable friend of the students, Sherlock Holmes agrees to take on the case. He soon discovers that no one involved is telling the complete truth.Join Holmes and Watson as they race from London to Oxford, then to Cambridge and finally up to a remote village in Scotland and seek to discover the clues that are tied to an obscure medieval palimpsest.


The Adventure of the Missing Better Half

Did you ever wonder what happened to Godfrey Staunton, the missing Three-Quarter, after Holmes tracked him down and found him, racked with sobs and bitter grief, beside his beloved deceased wife? This story tells you. His life got much better. He met an exceptional young woman, Millicent Brocklehurst, and fell in love, and got married. He was chosen to play on England’s National Team in the 1899 Home Nations Championship games. Life was good. … and then it got much worse. Bribery, beating, murder and more. He comes back to Sherlock Holmes in desperation. Together — Godfrey Staunton, Dr. Leslie Armstrong, Dr. Watson, and Sherlock Holmes — must stop an unspeakable crime taking place. Will they succeed in time? Will Godfrey’s life be changed forever? This 38th New Sherlock Holmes Mystery is a tribute to The Adventure of the Missing Three Quarter. Buy it now and enjoy.


The Return of Napoleon a New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Return of Napoleon

In October 1805, Napoleon’s fleet was defeated in the battle of Trafalgar. Now his ghost has returned to England for the centenary of the battle, intent on wreaking revenge on the descendants of Admiral Horatio Nelson and all of England.
The mother of the great-great-grandchildren of Admiral Nelson contacts Sherlock Holmes and asks him to come to her home, Victory Manor, in Gravesend to protect the Nelson Collection. The invaluable collection of artifacts is to be displayed during the one-hundredth anniversary celebrations of the Battle of Trafalgar. First, Dr. Watson comes to the manor and he meets not only the lovely children but also finds that something apparently supernatural is going on. Holmes assumes that some mad Frenchmen, intent on avenging Napoleon, are conspiring to wreak havoc on England and possibly threatening the children. Watson believes that something terrifying and occult may be at work. Neither are prepared for the true target of the Napoleonists, or of the Emperor’s ghost.Another new story of Sherlock Holmes for readers who love The Canon, and English history, and who will forgive an element of the spine-tingling supernatural.


The Adventure of Mrs. J.L. Heber a New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland

The Adventure of Mrs. J.L. Heber

A mad woman is murdering London bachelors by driving a railway spike through their heads! Scotland Yard demands that Sherlock Holmes help them find and stop a crazed murderess who is re-enacting the biblical murders by Jael. Holmes agrees and finds that revenge is being taken for deeds treachery and betrayal that took place ten years ago in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. Holmes, Watson, and Lestrade must move quickly before more men and women lose their lives.


The Adventure of the Prioress's Tale a New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Adventure of the Prioress’s Tale

The senior field hockey team from an elite girls’ school goes to Dover for a beach holiday … and disappears. Have they been abducted into White Slavery? Did they run off to Paris? Are they being held for ransom? Holmes, Watson, Lestrade, the Prioress of the school, and a new gang of Irregulars must find them before something terrible happens.  A tribute to The Adventure of the Priory School in The Canon. “A real page turner.”


The Solitary Bicycle Thief a new Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Solitary Bicycle Thief

Remember Violet Smith, the beautiful young woman whom Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson rescued from a forced marriage, as recorded in The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist? Ever wonder what happened to her and her true husband, Cyril Morton, in the years that followed. Well, ten years later she and Cyril reappear in 221B Baker Street with a strange tale of the theft of their bicycles — hardly a crime worthy of the brilliant mind of the world’s greatest detective. But …

What on the surface seemed like a trifle turns out to be the door that leads Sherlock Holmes into a web of human trafficking, espionage, blackmail, and murder.

A new and powerful cabal of master criminals has formed in London and they will stop at nothing, not even the murder of an innocent foreign student, to extend the hold on the criminal underworld of London. Uncovering their network leads Holmes and Watson into the dens of iniquity and vice, with frightful consequences for a group of innocent students and even for the love Mrs. Morton.

Join Holmes and Watson as they live and work in the London of 1904.

It’s a fun read and is a tribute to the original Sherlock Holmes story in the Canon. Buy or borrow, download and enjoy.


The Dancer from the Dance a New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Dancer from the Dance

In 1909 the entire world of dance changed forever when Les Ballets Russes, under the brilliant impresario, Serge Diaghilev, departed St. Petersburg and opened in Paris. They also made annual visits to the West End in London. Tragically, during their 1913 tour, two of their dancers are found murdered. Sherlock Holmes is brought into to find the murderer and prevent any more killings. The story adheres fairly closely to the incredible story of the reappearance of classical ballet in Western Europe and the introduction of modern interpretive dance. It is a tribute to the original story in the Canon, The Adventure of the Dancing Men.


The Horror of the Bastard's Villa a New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Horror of the Bastard’s Villa

A Scottish clergyman and his faithful border collie visit 221B and tell a tale of a ghostly Banshee on the Isle of Skye. After the specter appeared, two people died. Holmes sends Watson on ahead to investigate and report. More terrifying horrors occur and Sherlock Holmes must come and solve the awful mystery before more people are murdered. A tribute to the original story in the Canon, Arthur Conan Doyle’s masterpiece, The Hound of the Baskervilles.


The Adventure of Charlotte Europa Golderton a New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Adventure of Charlotte Europa Golderton

In the original Sherlock Holmes story about Charles Augustus Milverton, “the worst man in London,” was shot and sent to his just reward. But now another diabolical scheme of blackmail has emerged centered in the telegraph offices of the Royal Mail. It is linked to an archeological expedition whose director disappeared one night. Someone is prepared to do murder to protect their ill-gotten gain and possibly steal a priceless treasure. Holmes is hired by not one but three women who need his help. Buy it now, download, and enjoy.


The Mystery of 222 Baker Street a New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Mystery of 222 Baker Street

On the day after Queen Victoria died, the body of a Scotland Yard inspector is found in a locked room in 222 Baker Street, right across the road from the home of Sherlock Holmes. There is no clue as to how he died, but for certain, he was murdered. Then another murder takes place, in the very same room. Holmes and Watson might have to offer themselves as potential victims if the culprits are to be discovered. The story is a tribute to the original Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Empty House. Click on the link, check it out, buy and enjoy.


The Adventure of Norwood Rembrandt a New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Adventure of Norwood Rembrandt

A man facing execution in two weeks appeals to Sherlock Holmes to save him from the gallows. He claims that he is innocent and Holmes agrees to take on his case. Five years earlier he was convicted of the largest theft of art masterpieces in British history, and of murdering the butler who tried to stop him. With time running out, Holmes and Watson have to find the real murderer and the missing works of art —this is, if the client is innocent after all. This new Sherlock Holmes mystery is a tribute to The Adventure of the Norwood Builder in the original Canon.


The Binomial Asteroid Probglem, a New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Binomial Asteroid Problem

The deadly final encounter between Professor Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes took place at Reichenbach Falls on 4 May 1891. But when was their first encounter? When did Holmes first come to know that there was a evil genius behind a massive web of crime? This new story answers that question. What began with nothing more than a stolen Gladstone bag on wheels quickly escalates into murder and more. And if Holmes and Watson do not move fast enough, it could become much worse. This new story is a tribute — a ‘prequal’ — to the Canonical story of The Final Problem. The original story is included in the paperback edition. Download it now and enjoy.


The Naval Knaves a New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Naval Knaves

On September 15, 1894, an anarchist attempted to bomb the Greenwich Observatory. He failed, but the attempt led Sherlock Holmes into an intricate web of spies, foreign naval officers, and a beautiful princess. Once again, suspicion landed on poor Percy Phelps, now working in a senior position in the Admiralty, and once again Holmes has to use both his powers of deduction and raw courage to not only rescue Percy, but to prevent an unspeakable disaster. Get this new story now, and enjoy seeing what happened seven years after the original story ended.


The Grecian, Earned a New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Grecian, Earned

The Grecian, Earned picks up where The Greek Interpreter left off. The villains of that story were murdered in Budapest, and so Holmes and Watson set off in search of ‘the Grecian girl’ to solve the mystery. What they discover is a massive plot involving the re-birth of the Olympic games in 1896 and a colorful cast of characters at home and on the Continent.
Download it now and enjoy.


The Impatient Dissidents a New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Impatient Dissidents

The latest tribute to the Canon – New Sherlock Holmes Mystery #25

In March 1881, the Czar of Russia was assassinated by anarchists belong to the movement calling itself “The People’s Way.”  That summer, an attempt was made to murder his daughter, Maria, as she rode through Kensington Gardens with her husband, Prince Alfred, the son of Queen Victoria. A Russian Count is found dead in a hospital in London. The anarchists have spread out across Europe and are intent on eliminating their enemies, even those living in London. Scotland Yard and the Home Office arrive at 221B and enlist the help of Sherlock Holmes to track down the killers and stop them.

This is Craig Stephen Copland’s latest new mystery pastiche and was inspired by “The Resident Patient.” It is available now from Amazon and soon will be on most other on-line stores


From the Beryl Coronet to Vimy Ridge Sherlock Holmes Mystery Craig Stephen Copland
From the Beryl Coronet to Vimy Ridge

Could Sherlock Holmes have prevented World War I? Was there something he might have done … could have done that was the ‘sine qua non’ without which the war might never have started. This new mongraph in the Great Game of Sherlockian scholarship argues that there was such a Sherlock Holmes factor … and that it is secretly revealed in the ‘roman a clef’ story that we know as ‘The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet’.  One hundred years ago, the world was engulfed in the greatest, most horrible series of battles ever known – World War One. If you are interested in that period of history AND a devotee of Sherlockian scholarship, you will enjoy this enlightening monograph. Get it NOW and follow the irrefutable logic.


The Cuckold Man A Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Cuckold Man

Colonel James Barclay needs the help of Sherlock Holmes. HIs exceptionally beautiful, but much younger, wife has disappeared, and foul play is suspected. Has she been kidnapped and held for ransom? Or is she in the clutches of a deviant monster? Are thousands of pounds at risk? Are the household staff in on it? Will Holmes find her in time, and if he does, what then? The story is set in London, Aldershot, and Brighton and is a tribute not only to the original mystery, The Crooked Man but also to the biblical story of King David and Bathsheba. If there is a moral to the story, it is the reminder that testosterone is the most dangerous chemical ever known to men.


The Spy Gate Liars a Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Spy Gate Liars

Dr. Watson receives an urgent telegram telling him that Sherlock Holmes in lying in a hotel room in eastern France and near death. He immediately rushes to aid his dear friend, only to find that what began as a doctor’s house call has turned into yet another adventure as Sherlock Holmes races to keep an unknown ruthless murderer from dispatching yet another former German army officer. The events that led to this Channel-hopping spy and murder mystery began in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. But the evil that was done back then has continued until the present day and vengeance will be had. The story is a tribute to the original story in the Canon, The Reigate Squires. In America it was published as The Reigate Puzzle, as Brits in those days assumed that an American would not know what a squire was.


A Scandal in Trumplandia by Craig Stephen Copland Sherlock Holmes Mysteries
A Scandal in Trumplandia

Was Sherlock Holmes inadvertently responsible for the results of the election on November 8, 2016? This light-hearted parody (Note: NOT a New Sherlock Holmes mystery) reveals the secret meeting held between Sherlock Holmes and the GOP candidate for President of the United States. A devastating old film clip, made fifty years ago, if it is released, will completely destroy the campaign of The D—. Only Sherlock Holmes can save him from self-destruction. But will he want to? And, if so, will he be successful? The story is a parody of the much-loved original story, A Scandal in Bohemia, with the character of the King of Bohemia replaced by you-know-who. If you enjoy both political satire and Sherlock Holmes, you will get a chuckle out of this new story.


The Glorious Yacht Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Glorious Yacht

On the night of April 12, 1912, off the coast of Newfoundland, one of the greatest disasters of all time took place – the Unsinkable Titanic struck an iceberg and sank with a horrendous loss of life.
On board that ship was Sherlock Holmes’s friend, Victor Trentacost – his only friend other than Doctor Watson. The news of the disaster leads Holmes and Watson to reminisce about one of their earliest adventures, now over thirty years ago, when the two of them and Victor went to sea. It began as a sailing race and ended as a tale of murder, kidnapping, piracy, and survival through a tempest.
Their adventure takes them to Portsmouth for Cowes Week – one of the world’s great festivals of sailing – and then on to the prototype of the dangerous Fastnet Race.

This new Sherlock Holmes mystery is a tribute to the original story from the Canon, The Gloria Scott. It is the twenty-second in the series of New Sherlock Holmes Mysteries by Craig Stephen Copland.


The Stock Market Murders by Craig Stephen Copland New Sherlock Holmes Mystery
The Stock Market Murders

Any resemblance of the villain of this story to a certain presidential candidate is just a coincidence.

A young man’s friend has gone missing. Holmes and Watson go with him to Birmingham to help look for him. What they find is horrifying. Two more bodies of young men turn up in London. All of the victims are tied to Cambridge University. All are also tied to the financial sector of the City and to one of the greatest fraud ever visited upon the citizens of England. The story is based on the true story of James Whitaker Wright and is inspired by the original Sherlock Holmes story, The Stock Broker’s Clerk


A Most Grave Ritual
A Most Grave Ritual

In 1649, King Charles I escaped from the palace in which he was being held prisoner and made a desperate run for Southampton, hoping to reach safety on the Continent. He never made it and was returned to face trial and execution. This much we know. But what did he do along the way south? Did he stop at a castle of one of his loyal royalists? Did he leave behind a vast fortune that he had taken from the Royal Treasury? No one knows for sure.
Or do they? The Musgrave family now owns the old castle and the great manor house beside it. The patriarch of the family dies in the graveyard and the locals believe that the headless ghost of the king did him in. The police accuse his son of murdering him so he could claim the fortune. Sherlock Holmes is hired to exonerate the lad. You would never guess what happens next.



The Three Rhodes Not Taken Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland

Oxford University is famous throughout the world for its splendid architecture, lovely manicured lawns and gardens, and passionate pursuit of research, teaching and learning. But it turns out to be at the center of a case involving fraud, theft, treachery, and, maybe, murder. The Rhodes Scholarship has been recently established and is seen at one of the greatest prizes available to young men throughout the Empire. So much so that some men are prepared to lie, steal, slander, and, maybe murder, in the pursuit of it. Sherlock Holmes is called upon to track down a thief who has stolen vital documents pertaining to the winner of the scholarship, but what will he do when the prime suspects is found dead? The story was inspired by the original story in the canon, The Three Students. Buy it now and enjoy the story.


The Yellow Farce Sherlock Holmes Mysteries Craig Stephen Copland

It is the spring of 1906. Sherlock Holmes is sent by his brother, Mycroft, to Japan. The war between Russia and Japan is raging. Alliances between countries in these years before World War I are fragile and any misstep could plunge the world into Armageddon. The Empire is officially neutral and wants to stay that way. But an American diplomat has been murdered and a British one has disappeared. The wife of the British ambassador is suspected of being a Russian agent, and of having an affair with another Russian agent.

Sherlock Holmes has many fans in Japan, some of whom may be spies. He is called upon to be the honoured presented of the prizes for three great athletic races, the final one being one of the most demanding challenges anywhere in the world.

Join Holmes and Watson as they travel around the world. They have a couple of interesting stops on route before they even get to the land of the rising sun. Once there, they encounter an inscrutable culture, have to solve the mystery, and maybe even save the life of the Emperor.

It’s a fun read and is inspired by the original Sherlock Holmes story, The Yellow Face. There is a bit more travel adventure than in most New Sherlock Holmes mysteries, but what would you expect if they have to go all the way to Japan?  Available now by clicking and buying. Enjoy.


The Brand of the Flying Four Craig Stephen Copland

This case all began one quiet evening—very quiet; bordering on boring—while we were sitting by the hearth in our rooms in Kansas City. A few weeks later, a murder, perhaps the most gruesome I had ever witnessed in all my born days, took place in Denver, immediately above our heads. By the time it all ended, justice, of the frontier variety, not the courtroom, had been meted out. If you want to know how it all happened, you’ll have to read this story. Jim Watson, M.D. Denver, 1883

Reverend Ezekiel Black receives a call to provide pulpit supply for a church in Denver. Soon after his arrival, a beautiful young nurse from his congregation seeks his help in finding her long lost father and in solving the mystery of the anonymous notes and boxes of gold nuggets she has been receiving in the mail. The story is inspired by “The Sign of the Four” by Arthur Conan Doyle, and like that story it combines murder most foul, and romance most enticing.



Craig S Copland Sherlock Holmes Mysteries

Two teenagers, a brother and a sister from a strict religious family disappear. The parents are alarmed but Scotland Yard says they are just off sowing their wild oats.

A horrific, gruesome package arrives in the post and it becomes clear that a terrible crime is in process. Sherlock Holmes is called in to help.

Passions and hatred going back many years are revealed. Holmes, Watson, and Lestrade must act quickly before young lives are lost.

This mystery, set in London in 1905, is inspired by the original Sherlock Holmes story, “The Cardboard Box,” one of the darkest and most gruesome of the original Canon.

If you enjoy the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes, you will again be treated to watching your hero untangle the web of evil and bring justice to all involved.

Buy it now and enjoy yet another new Sherlock Holmes Mystery.


A Scarlet Trail of Murder

At ten o’clock on Sunday morning, the twenty-second of October, 1882, in an abandoned house in the West Bottom of Kansas City, just a stone’s throw from the stockyards, a fellow named Jasper Harrison did not wake up. His inability to do was the result of his having had his throat cut sometime during the previous night.
At the same time, in the same location, in the very same house, another fellow, by the name of Eddie Kepler did wake up. Now, it is trying enough to wake up on a Sunday morning after getting drunk on Saturday night in a saloon on the other side of the state line. However, it is downright disconcerting to wake up beside a dead man, who is staring at you with hollow eyes and a very ugly scarlet gash across his throat. Therefore, Eddie staggered out into the blinding daylight and started hollering very loudly for the police.

I know these things because by noon on that same day, I was kneeling down on the floor beside my new partner, the Reverend Mister Ezekiel Amos Black, and together we were examining the body of Mr. Jasper Harrison.

Three weeks and nearly three thousand miles later, the Rev, as I have become accustomed to calling the Reverend Mister Black, had not only brought the murderer to justice but had helped solve several other murders and some very nasty deeds that stretched back over fifteen years. This story of mine, which is appropriate reading for all members of your family, about the brainiest and downright strangest preacher and part-time Deputy US Marshal, is going to tell you how that all came about. And I am not going to be at all surprised if, after reading it, you will agree with me that Reverend Ezekiel Black was certainly one very smart man but, my goodness, was he a strange bird. I think of him as the Sherlock Holmes of the American West.

You should buy this book now and enjoy the mystery.

James Watson, MD.


The Adventure of the Silver Horse, Braised

The greatest horserace of the century, with the best five-year-olds of England running against the best of America, will take place in a week at Epsom Downs. Millions have been bet on the winners. Owners, jockeys, grooms, and gamblers from across England arrive. So too do a host of colourful characters from the racetracks of America. Rumours of false statistics, threats, bribes, the administering of opiates to horse or rider, immoral seductions, abductions, and even murders are abounding. Scotland Yard is concerned. When a famous jockey is mysteriously killed while practicing on one of the favourites, Sherlock Holmes is called in.

Before the race, everything appears to be in order. The race is run and an incredible white horse emerges as the winner by over twenty-five lengths. Celebrations are in order and good times are had. And that night disaster strikes. More deaths, of both men and beasts, take place. Holmes identifies several suspects and then, to his great disappointment and frustration, he fails to prove that any of them committed the crime.

Until …
This completely original mystery is a tribute to the original Sherlock Holmes story, Silver Blaze. It also borrows from the great racetrack stories of Damon Runyon. Fans of both of these wonderful writers will enjoy seeing Holmes, Watson, and Lestrade – assisted by Harry the Horse, Little Miss Marker, Sorrowful, and the nameless narrator – as they finally bring the culprits to justice.

Buy it now and enjoy the story.




A beautiful young woman will soon inherit an lot of money. She disappears. Her little brother is convinced that she has become a zombie, living and not living in the graveyard of the ruined old church. Another young woman – flirtatious, independent, lovely – agrees to be the nurse to the little brother. She finds out far too much and, in desperation seeks help from Sherlock Holmes, the man she also adores. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Miss Violet Hunter must solve the mystery of the coiffured bitches, avoid the massive mastiff that could tear their throats out, and protect the boy. The story is inspired by the original Conan Doyle The Adventure of the Copper Beeches. Fans of the original Sherlock Holmes will enjoy seeing the same characters in a brand new murder mystery.



A deeply distressed banker enters 221B Baker St. His safe has been robbed and he is certain that his motorcycle-riding sons have betrayed him. Highly incriminating and embarrassing records of the financial and personal affairs of England’s nobility are now in the hands of blackmailers – the Beryl Anarchists they call themselves – all passionately involved in the craze of motorcycle riding and in ruthless criminal pursuits. And then a young girl is murdered. Holmes and Watson must find the real culprits and stop them before more crimes are committed – too horrendous to be imagined. This new mystery was inspired by The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet and borrows the setting and some of the characters. And, of course, our beloved Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are there, just as they are in the original Canon.





It is 1897 and France is torn apart by The Dreyfus Affair. Westminster needs help from Sherlock Holmes to make sure that the evil tide of anti-Semitism that has engulfed France will not spread.

A young officer in the Foreign Office suddenly resigns from his post and enters the theater. His wife calls for help from Sherlock Holmes.

The evil professor is up to something, and it could have terrible consequences for the young couple and all of Europe.

Sherlock and Watson run all over London and Paris solving the puzzle and seeking to thwart Moriarty.


The Adventure of the Notable Bachelorette



A blue-blooded snobbish English lord comes to 221B Baker Street. His much younger wife, a beautiful, independent American, has vanished and he knows she has been kidnapped. Sherlock Holmes has to find her. Three days later a terrible crime takes place and the wife is accused of it. Now she seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes.

Neither husband nor wife are paragons of Victorian virtue.

So who did it? Was it the wife? The mistress? The younger brother?

Set in Victorian London and using the themes and characters familiar to Sherlock Holmes fans, this mystery will keep readers guess and trying to follow the clues that Sherlock discovers. It is modeled on the original story, The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor.

The Adventure of the Engineers Mom



A brilliant young Cambridge University engineer is carrying out secret research for the Admiralty. It will lead to the building of the world’s most powerful battleship, The Dreadnaught.

His adventuress mother is kidnapped and having been spurned by Scotland Yard he seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes.

Was she taken by German spies, or an underhanded student, or by someone else? Whoever it was is prepared to commit cold-blooded murder to get what they want.

Holmes and Watson have help from an unexpected source – the engineer’s mom herself.
This new mystery is inspired by the original Sherlock Holmes story – The Engineer’s Thumb. It is set in the same era in England and you will encounter several of the original characters, but now in a completely new traditional Sherlock Holmes mystery.




A beautiful young woman, just weeks away from giving birth, arrives at Baker Street in the middle of the night. Her sister was attacked by a bat and died and now it is attacking her. Could it be a vampire sent by the local band of Gypsies?

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are called upon to investigate. The step-father, the local Gypsies, and the furious future mother-in-law are all suspects. And was it really a vampire in the shape of a bat that took the young mother-to-be’s life?

This adventure takes the world’s favorite detective away from London to Surrey and the north to the lovely but deadly Lake District. The story was inspired by the original Sherlock Holmes story, “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” and like the original, leaves the mind wondering and the heart racing.

A Scandal from East Anglia by Craig Stephen Copland New Sherlock Holmes Mystery



Archeological excavations at the ruined Abbey of St. Edmund unearth a sealed canister. In it is a document that has the potential to change the course of the British Empire and all of Christendom.
There are some evil young men who are prepared to rob, and beat and even commit murder to keep its contents from ever becoming known. There is a strikingly beautiful young Sister, with a curious double life, who is determined to use the document to improve the lives of women throughout the world.
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are called upon to protect the young woman, catch the killers, and trap the evil men who are greedily plotting against The Nun.
The mystery is inspired by the original Sherlock Holmes story, A Scandal in Bohemia. Fans of Sherlock Holmes will enjoy a new story that maintains all the loved and familiar characters and settings of Victorian England.


New Sherlock Holmes Mysteries by Craig Stephen Copland



A young street urchin, one of the Baker Street Irregulars, discovers a man’s belt and buckle under a bush in Hyde Park. He brings it to Sherlock Holmes, hoping for a reward. The buckle is unique and stunning, gleaming turquoise stones set in exquisitely carved silver; a masterpiece from the native American west.
A body of an American Indian is found in a hotel room in Mayfair. Scotland Yard seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes in solving the murder. The victim is the brilliant artist that created and wore the buckle.
A secret key is found leading Sherlock Holmes to a replica set of the Crown Jewels. The real Jewels, supposedly secure inside the Tower of London are in danger of being stolen or destroyed. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, to be held in just a few months, could be ruined.
Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Scotland yard, the Home Office and even Her Majesty all team up to prevent a crime of unspeakable dimensions.


The Sign of the Tooth A New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland



Fifteen hundred years ago the courageous Princess Hemamali smuggled the sacred tooth of the Buddha into Ceylon. Since that time it has never left the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, where it has been guarded and worshiped by the faithful. Now, for the first time, it is being brought to London to be part of a magnificent exhibit at the British Museum. But what if something were to happen to it? It would be a disaster for the British Empire. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and even Mycroft Holmes are called upon to prevent such a crisis. Will they prevail? What is about to happen to Dr. John Watson? And who is this mysterious young Irregular they call The Injin? This novella is inspired by the Sherlock Holmes mystery, The Sign of the Four. The same characters and villains are present and fans of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes will enjoy seeing their hero called upon yet again to use his powers of scientific deduction to thwart dangerous and dastardly criminals. The text of the original story, The Sign of the Four, is included. Your enjoyment of the book will be enhanced by re-reading the Sherlock Holmes classic and then seeing what new adventures are in store.


The Mystery of the Five Oranges by Craig Stephen Copland a New Sherlock Holmes Mystery



On a miserable rainy evening a desperate father enters 221B Baker Street. His daughter has been kidnapped and spirited off to North America. The evil network who have taken her have spies everywhere. If he goes to Scotland Yard they will kill her. There is only one hope – Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes and Watson sail to a small corner of Canada, Prince Edward Island, in search of the girl. They find themselves fighting one of the most powerful and malicious organizations on earth – the Ku Klux Klan. But they are aided in their quest by the newest member of the Baker Street Irregulars, a determined and imaginative young redhead, and by the resources of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Sherlockians will enjoy this new adventure of the world’s most famous detective, inspired by the original story of The Five Orange Pips. And those who love Anne of Green Gables will thrill to see her recruited by Holmes and Watson to help in the defeat of crime.


Studying Scarlet A New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland



Starlet O’Halloran has come to London looking for her wayward husband, Brett Steward. She seeks help from Sherlock Holmes. He refuses the case until he learns that three men have already been murdered who were connected to Starlet and Brett. Then this unlikely crew of Southerners and Londoners, and a couple of unexpected new characters, must work together to save the King and the Empire. Fans of both Sherlock Holmes and Gone with the Wind will enjoy this parody. It is the first in a series of New Sherlock Holmes Mysteries by Craig Stephen Copland.


The Bald Headed Trust by Craig Stephen Copland New Sherlock Holmes Mystery



Dr. Watson insists on taking his friend on a short vacation to the seaside in Plymouth. Watson hopes that it will be a time for restoration of body and soul. Within hours of arriving there Sherlock Holmes is called upon to help solve a recent murder of two electrical engineers. What began as a tedious journey quickly turns into a puzzling and finally a diabolical adventure, as the great detective, aided by some unusual recruits to the Company of Irregulars – from the Plymouth Brethren of all people – must match wits first with bank robbers and eventually with the evil professor himself. Lovers of Sherlock Holmes mysteries will enjoy this new story, written today but as faithful as possible to the characters, heroes, villains, language, and settings of the original Sherlock Holmes.





As a devoted Sherlockian you will most certainly be familiar with the wonderful story “A Scandal in Bohemia.” History now repeats itself and Holmes and Watson find themselves in Toronto in 2014, and their client a modern version of the King of Bohemia. Yet again they must use courage and ingenuity in order to save civilization, and the Mayor, from political disaster. If you love Sherlock Holmes, you will enjoy this parody of his adventure.





A terrible tragedy has taken place just outside New York City. A young man murdered his father and then went stark raving mad. Sherlock Holmes is called upon by the lad’s mother to solve the crime. So Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson make their way to America. There they meet the villains of Tammany Hall and maybe – no one will ever know – a ghostly apparition the haunts the pleasant glade known as Sleepy Hollow. The story is inspired by “The Buscombe Valley Mystery,” one of the original stories in the canon of Sherlock Holmes. The unique characters of those stories are all still there present. The events and the setting may be new, but Sherlockians everywhere will recognize the mind and actions of the world’s most beloved detective.


A Case of Identity Theft A New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland



A not overly attractive young woman seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes. Her husband is missing. Only a few days later the missing husband arrives, breathless, at 221B Baker Street. His wife is missing. England’s greatest detective helps them. But then the mothers of both the young husband and the wife come asking for the services of Sherlock Holmes. Both of their children are missing and foul play is suspected. Together with Dr. Watson and with a little help from Mycroft Holmes, our wonderful sleuth must put an end to a strong of murders, recover half a million pounds in stolen securities, and rescue the young couple from certain death at the hands of the evil powers. Fans of Sherlock Holmes will enjoy this new mystery with all the familiar characters and settings, but with a new and intricate plot and a storyline that reaches from the East End of London to Botany Bay and beyond.





This is NOT a new Sherlock Holmes Mystery. It is a Sherlockian research paper seeking answers to some very serious questions. Why did Barack Obama win in November 2012? Why did Mitt Romney lose? Pundits and political scientists have offered countless reasons. This book reveals the real reason – The Sherlock Holmes Factor. Had it not been for Sherlock Holmes, Mitt Romney would be president. This study is the first entry by Sherlockian Craig Stephen Copland into the Grand Game of amateur analysis of the canon of Sherlock Holmes stories, and their effect on western civilization. Sherlockians will enjoy the logical deductions that lead to the inevitable conclusions. A full copy of A Study in Scarlet, the story responsible for the November 2012 Sherlock Holmes Factor, is included in this book so that novice readers may confront the evidence and decide for themselves.



Return to Baker Street, where the world’s most famous detective encounters six new cases that require his expert touch. London’s super sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, sets out with long suffering Watson as the detectives of Scotland Yard are stumped yet again. Blood coats the street of Victorian England, but no evidence is clear and no suspect cleared of guilt.
As to be expected, evil genius—the Napoleon of Crime—Professor Moriarty soon reappears. The great detective must thwart his diabolical machinations, but even Holmes is practically brought to his knees by shocking new discoveries only he can understand. Despite Moriarty’s conniving, Sherlock will use the science of deduction to unravel mysteries of theft, abduction, political intrigue, and murder.
Female characters take much deserved center stage in these updated stories, no longer willing to play the part of hapless victim or jealous wife. Meanwhile, Holmes and Watson traipse the globe in search of justice. No guilty party is safe, no matter the distance, from the all-knowing eye of the world’s best detective and his daring sidekick.


Sherlock Holmes Never Dies – Collection 2

SAVE 40% WHEN YOU BY THE COLLECTION. This set includes the well-received new stories A Sandal from East Anglia, The Man Who Was Twisted But Hip, The Blue Belt Buckle, and The Spectred Bat. All of them are inspired by and tributes to the parallel stories in the original Canon of Sherlock Holmes.


Sherlock Holmes Never Dies – Collection 3

SAVE 40% WHEN YOU BUY THE COLLECTION. Collection Set Three includes: The Engineer’s Mom, The Notable Bachelorette, The Beryl Anarchists, The Coiffured Bitches. All New Sherlock Holmes Mysteries are inspired by and tributes to the parallel story in the original Canon. Enjoy more at a time and save.


Sherlock Holmes Never Dies – Collection 4

SAVE 40% WHEN YOU BUY THE COLLECTION. Collection Four includes the following stories: The Silver Horse, Braised, The Box of Cards, The Yellow Farce, and The Three Rhodes Not Taken. All are original Sherlock Holmes mystery stories that are inspired by and tributes to the parallel stories in the original Canon. Save money and enjoy more of them.


Sherlock Holmes Never Dies Collection 5 by Craig Stephen Copland
Sherlock Holmes Never Dies – Collection 5

SAVE 40% WHEN YOU BY THE COLLECTION. Collection Set Five includes: The Stock Market Murders, The Glorious Yacht, The Most Grave Ritual, The Spy Gate Liars


Sherlock Holmes Never Dies – Collection 6

SAVE 40% WHEN YOU BY THE COLLECTION. Collection Set Six includes: The Cuckold Man, The Impatient Dissidents, The Grecian, Earned, The Naval Knaves


Sherlock Holmes Never Dies – Collection 7

SAVE 40% WHEN YOU BY THE COLLECTION. Collection Set Seven includes: The Binomial Asteroid Problem,  The Mystery of 222 Baker Street,  The Adventure of Charlotte Europa Golderton,  The Adventure of the Norwood Rembrandt


Sherlock Holmes Never Dies Collection 8 by Craig Stephen Copland
Sherlock Holmes Never Dies – Collection 8

SAVE 40% WHEN YOU BY THE COLLECTION. Collection Set Eight includes: The Dancer from the Dance, The Adventure of the Prioress’s Tale,  The Adventure of Mrs. J. L. Heber, The Solitary Bicycle Thief