The Brand of the Flying Four

The Brand of the Flying Four Craig Stephen Copland
The Brand of the Flying Four

This case all began one quiet evening—very quiet; bordering on boring—while we were sitting by the hearth in our rooms in Kansas City. A few weeks later, a murder, perhaps the most gruesome I had ever witnessed in all my born days, took place in Denver, immediately above our heads. By the time it all ended, justice, of the frontier variety, not the courtroom, had been meted out. If you want to know how it all happened, you’ll have to read this story.

Jim Watson, M.D. Denver, 1883

Reverend Ezekiel Black receives a call to provide pulpit supply for a church in Denver. Soon after his arrival, a beautiful young nurse from his congregation seeks his help in finding her long lost father and in solving the mystery of the anonymous notes and boxes of gold nuggets she has been receiving in the mail. The story is inspired by “The Sign of the Four” by Arthur Conan Doyle, and like that story it combines murder most foul, and romance most enticing.

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