The Three Rhodes Not Taken

The Three Rhodes Not Taken Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland
The Three Rhodes Not Taken

Oxford University is famous throughout the world for its splendid architecture, lovely manicured lawns and gardens, and passionate pursuit of research, teaching and learning. But it turns out to be at the center of a case involving fraud, theft, treachery, and, maybe, murder. The Rhodes Scholarship has been recently established and is seen at one of the greatest prizes available to young men throughout the Empire. So much so that some men are prepared to lie, steal, slander, and, maybe murder, in the pursuit of it. Sherlock Holmes is called upon to track down a thief who has stolen vital documents pertaining to the winner of the scholarship, but what will he do when the prime suspects is found dead? The story was inspired by the original story in the canon, The Three Students. Buy it now and enjoy the story.

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