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A Staggering Achievement. I have been a fan of Craig Stephen Copland from his first Holmes/Watson pastiche and will attest that if you have one of Mr Copland’s offerings in hand you have a good read coming your way. Although I have been known to ding him upon occasion, rest assured that purchasing any (or all) of his offerings will guarantee hours of first-class reading. Most of his offerings have merited rave reviews. Before giving my views on this particular outing, a digression.

Many Holmes/Watson writers place their narratives within specific historical period and tie them to what was occurring at the time. So Holmes and Watson may meet Bram Stoker (Dracula), Winston Churchill and other notables of the time. Where writers attempting to plug some particular crime into a specific setting is forgetting that the story is the thing. Some meander off into descriptions of various historical monuments and such and they forget there is a story to be told.

One of many things Mr Copland does to perfection is use historical settings and events much as a skilled chef uses spices–to enhance and never overpower. So after reading one of his outings, the reader has had his historical knowledge enhanced and benefited from the various tidbits of information provided. As noted, this is never done in an overwhelming manner. Coupled with this is Mr Copland’s writings have brisk paces and there are always subtle asides and allusions that keep readers on their toes. The reader should be ready to hit the ground running because past-paced action is the rule of the day.

Now to this specific story. This is a staggering achievement. I’d say it ranks as one of the very best stories I have in in my collection of 400+volumes of Holmes/Watson pastiches. In this collection there are a number of anthologies containing offerings of dozens of writers. If I were forced to choose my top 10 rated Holmes/Watson stories (Including those written by Conan Doyle) this would be one of those in that select number. Buy the book. I suspect there will be many rave reviews.

Drstatz – April 2, 2016

Mr. Copland Wows Me Again! Craig Stephen Copland is almost as great an author as Drs. Watson and Conan Doyle! I eagerly await his next book.

December 31, 2018 Verified Purchase

Great read! I found this novel to be one of the authors best efforts. The was diverting but very much in the Sherlockian style. It was suspenseful even though you knew Holmes was playing Watson. Great job!

January 26, 2019 Verified Purchase

Another fine S.H. tale from Mr. Copland Once again C.S.C. has blessed us with a quality pastiche. I know a review is subject to taste. We, that is you and i, dear reader of my excellent review, can have the exact same meal at the same restaurant side by side and your response is “yummy” and mine “yucky” so…..
That being said this is not the first time I have enjoyed the fine cuisine at Cafe Copland.
I have read every Sherlock Holmes story available from Mr. Copland.
They are all entertaining, at times humorous, well edited, (if you are a frequent reader of e-books you how impressive this is) and entertaining.
They show respect for the original stories by Sir A.C.D. and are written in the Victorian English we expect, with a touch of modernity.
So, if you are looking for new Sherlock Holmes tales, this one, along with all the others by CSC, will not disappoint.

January 29, 2018   Verfied Purchase

Another “goodie” from Copland  Another hit from Craig Copland. Even fooled the great detective till the end.. Highly recommended!

June 29, 2016 Verified Purchase

The ending was definitely a surprise  Very good SH read, I enjoyed it even though I generally like our hero’s to operate closer to home. The writing is tight and all characters well drawn; SH and the Dr. behaviors are consistent with their fully developed literary characters. No spoilers, but the ending was definitely a surprise to me.

March 3, 2017  Verified Purchase

Enjoyed.. Thank you  Followed the format of Doyle… Enjoyed.. Thank you.

November 20, 2016  Verified Purchase

Another fabulous, thrilling story  A delightful read. A wink to the ‘The Gloria Scott’, and a different kind of Sherlock Holmes story. Oh, don’t you worry, we get Mr. Holmes amazing deductions, but we also get a naval adventure. As always, Craig Stephen Copland delivers a wonderful story, with perfectly recognizable characters and spot-on voices. And as always, I full-heartedly recommend it.

April 6, 2017  Verified Purchase

The Usual   This is another excellent offering by Craig Stephen Copeland. You can count on his offering being gripping and suspenseful tales with many surprising twists and turns. To someone meeting Mr Copeland’s writings for the first time, I recommend buying his box sets. They will constitute a solid core of fantastic Holmes/Watson stories with many delightful aspects

January 24, 2017  Verified Purchase

An Absolutely Fantastic Read. Yet another fantastic Sherlock Holmes work by Copland, and out of his books I’ve read so far, it’s my favorite. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved anything and everything involving vampires and vampire lore. Combine that with gypsies, Sherlock Holmes, and Copland’s fantastic writing, and I’m sure to love it. The moment Copland made a reference to Dracula’s rising popularity after it had been published the year before, I was already more than sold on this plot line.
As with every novel I’ve read by Copland, his writing kept me hooked in the action from the first word to the very last word. When reading his novels, I always do my best to pick a suspect, and even when I’m 100% convinced that I’m right, there’s always some unexpected and fantastically placed plot twist that shows me otherwise. And that’s how reading mystery novels should be.
All in all, I absolutely adored this novel, especially when Sherlock was in disguise and all of the references that the novel made to vampire lore. The Adventure of the Spectred Bat was another amazing Copland novel, and I can’t wait to read more.

Erin – June 17

Fast Moving and Entertaining...Pastiche writing is new to me, but after recently reading author Craig Stephen Copland’s other book, “Studying Scarlet,” I found myself wanting to read another one of his new Sherlock Holmes mysteries. “A Sandal from East Anglia” is set in 1888 Victorian England, and Holmes is hired to retrieve an ancient document discovered in an archaeological excavation…a document that becomes the motive behind theft, deception, and murder. As expected, Holmes impresses everyone with his deductive reasoning, as he cleverly deals with an odd-looking monk, a bishop, and a mysterious and fascinating nun who may just hold the future of women’s equal rights in her hands.
The English dialect, as well as the characteristic form of communication between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson is fast moving and entertaining. I am rapidly becoming a prodigious fan of this genre. Mr. Copland once again delivers an intriguing story line, interspersed with historical facts of the British Empire and Christendom.

NLB – April 20, 2015

The Twist and Turns…OH MY!!  The Notable Bachelorette   I really enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait to start the next one the series. The author has done a great job of drawing you in and I can not wait to read more!!

Book Lover – August 18, 2015

Copland has the best new Sherlock Holmes stories. Great mystery, added humor, and the interaction between Holmes & Watson is priceless. Can’t wait for more.

Amazon Customer – November 8, 2015

Very good reading, as good as original sherlock stories.

hiram – November 22, 2015

There are many exciting adventures here that if Holmes and Watson could have lived them, they would have. A great read.

PDC – March 28, 2016

As a Copland fan, I am excited to see a collection of works especially one that contains six Sherlock mysteries: The Man Who Was Twisted But Hip, A Scandal in Fordlandia, A Sandal from East Anglia, The Adventure of the Blue Belt Buckle, The Adventure of the Spectred Bat, The Adventure of the Engineer’s Mom, The Adventure of the Notable Bachelorette and Sherlock and Barack. The collection not only includes a sampling of Copland’s most popular work, but also a collection of characters good and evil.
Each novella is expertly written to engage the reader in the world of Sherlock and Dr. Holmes as if the original mysteries never ended. I couldn’t of picked the collection better myself! If you are looking for an author well-versed in everything Sherlock then I highly recommend cutting your teeth on Copland’s new collection, Sherlock Holmes Never Dies.

Davis – September 28, 2015

Very good. Always happy when a contemporary author brings Sherlock back to life. I recommend & will try another.

Eloise O’Neill – January 25, 2016

Fun and exciting. New twists on old stories and it all worked! Loved the one with The Gone With The Wind references and name scrambling. I laughed out loud several times. They were all stories that kept my interest to the end. More books from this author please

Kindle Customer – November 25, 2015

The Best New Holmes Mysteries!. Copland has the best new Sherlock Holmes stories. Great mystery, added humor, and the interaction between Holmes & Watson is priceless. Can’t wait for more.

Amazon Customer -November 8, 2015

Months of reading for a low price! Sherlock Holmes Never Dies: Six New Adventures of the World’s Greatest Detective is an absolute bargain! Having read most of Copland’s work, I purchased this despite having read some of the stories included in this compendium because of the several stories that I haven’t read yet. The low price makes this book an absolute steal! The book includes six stories, all are of course, pastiche stories based on the classic Sherlock Holmes stories. You don’t really have to read the old stories that Copland based them on but if you happened to be familiar with the old work by Conan Doyle, your enjoyment of these new Sherlock stories will be enhanced.

I admire Copland’s work because he captures the essence of every facet of a traditional Holmes story and not just the plot elements, such as the various plot twists, or the humor, but the character stuff as well. In his stories, Watson and Holmes have great chemistry, and that is not easy to pull off regardless of how famous and established the characters are. I love how Copland always seems to include tidbits of humor into the story, to ease the tension of the breathtaking plot, which helped and reminded me to take a breath every once in awhile. The versatility of this author is a perfect recipe for the Sherlock universe, a universe that caters to a broad audience, an audience of many tastes. But Copland’s greatest strength is how he manages to weave in historical facts with his fiction and it’s a joy to be a part of. There’s a real world gravitas to it all and he breathes a breath of fresh air into these stories, reimagining them for the modern age, and for the modern reader.

I really recommend this book, it’s a no brainer. For just a low price of $3.99 USD, you receive many weeks and months of fun, pulpy goodness! A must have for any library!

Angie. F. – September 28, 2015

Five Stars. Good adventure yarn with lots of twists an turn. One of the better pastiches on Holmes.

William J. Stempel – March 29, 2016

Very well written. Very well written Holmes story as is usual for Copland. Well incorporates characters from other novels. Excellent an entertaining discussion of behind the scenes horse race betting.

William Johnston – February 20, 2016

The Best In Show 2015. At the end of each year I will review the Holmes/Watson books read and pick one I will designate as best in show. This is out of at least 20 books. This year there were several authors competing for the top spot. Mr Copeland emerged as the winner because of something he does probably better than all but a very few competing writers. Let me explain.

Many writers will attempt to place their Holmes/Watson story within the realm of existing history. Thus writers have them interacting with Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill, Bram Stoker, Dr Jekyll, Martians (no kidding), Dracula, Frankenstein and many others. What happens too frequently is a writer will forget that the story, not the background, is the important thing. Periodically a writer will get carried away to the extent that the hapless reader wonders where the story went.

Mr. Copeland’s treatment of settings and environments is, at least to my mind, as good as it gets. You may also count on a taut, focused plot that will keep you turning the pages as quickly as you can. Older readers like myself get a kick at some of the sly allusions and references he will thrown into a story. One case mentioned, the Giant Rat of Sumatra, where Holmes and Watson dealt with Rodents of Unusual Size. Oh, my–although nicely done.

So Mr Copeland rules the roost for 2015. I have another of his stories standing by but held it off for the new year to avoid his competing with himself so to speak. So, Mr Copeland, you rule the roost. Here’s hoping you are quickly closing in on the circumstances where you will derive your income solely from your writings.

Drstatz – January 6, 2016

Newest Mystery is a Winner!  Intrigue and mystery are what Craig Stephen Copland writes very well. I have enjoyed his Sherlock Holmes mysteries for some time now and I never tire of the old-fashioned English style of such classic characters as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. In this newest book, Mr. Copland introduces us to some very interesting characters from New York and the exciting world of horse racing. Dirty dealings in the recesses of this world lead to the murder of a famous jockey. Sherlock Holmes must school himself on this unfamiliar pastime of horse races and gambling in order to solve the case, which of course he does with brilliance and finesse. An enjoyable read.

NLB – January 6, 2016

Very good story, Quite different from others that I have read .Lots of suspense.

Gweneth Brown – June 13, 2016

Copeland writes in the Conan Doyle tradition! I thoroughly enjoyed the book!

Cathey Diann Lannerd – June 9, 2016

Great read and fun story! I was lucky enough to be able to read this over the fast few days. It definitely reminded me the most of the old Sherlock Holmes stories. This was fun to read as I found myself trying to pick up on clues and solve the mystery myself throughout the reading. Although I’d think I was correct, I would get thrown off and didn’t quite solve it on my own. All the characters worked well together and this was another story I found that kept me on the edge of my seat. I like that the story was based in London as well. Scotland and Holmes worked well together cracking the case.

Pammadukes – May 7, 2015

Brilliantly Crafted Tale! Another brilliantly crafted tale by Craig Stephen Copland showcasing the lovable detective Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson. Who would of thought an Indian and the Queen could so cleverly be connected through Sherlock Holmes. As with all of Copland’s novels in the “A New Sherlock Holmes Mystery” series, the use of the classic Sherlock eccentricities and bits and pieces of history come to life. It is as if Sherlock and Watson’s adventures never ended. I also love that I couldn’t figure this one out even with all the clues.
I highly recommend “The Adventure of the Blue Belt Buckle” and the other novels in this series.

Davis – June 9, 2015

Perfection. I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and try to read all the stories I can in regards to him. This is one of the most enjoyable I have read. As always Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson are pulled into an intriguing case of stolen files. But it becomes so much more and I was constantly guessing the outcome and had my ideas be proven wrong. It is written nicely and has a comical flair that made it a wonderful read. I truly hated for it to end. Strong characters and perfect detailing drew me in and did not let go. The author did a great job on it and I would like to see other books he has written. I am always on the lookout for new authors and I really like Craig Copland. For those who love suspenseful Who-Done-It books and the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, this is the one you have to read.

Crystal Simons – October 12, 2015

A ok

carolynwarlic – March 10, 2016

Great Book! I enjoyed this investigative thriller! It is filled with great plots and oh so much black mail. This is a quick read that can be enjoyed in one setting and I will be looking for more from this author. Thanks for giving us your all.

Book Lover – October 2, 2015

This Latest New SHERLOCK HOLMES MYSTERY Is One Of The Best Books I Have Read In This Year . The story entails a deeply distressed banker who was robbed, his Sons betrayed him also. He battled with highly incriminating and embarrassing records of the financial and personal affairs of England’s nobility are now in the hands of blackmailers (Called The Beryl Anarchists).I vowed that you will enjoy every single bit of the Book. Highly Recommended!

sidney – September 22, 2015

Good read. Love mystery get this book is absolve and a good read. Page turner indefinitely

Stephanie llana – July 15, 2015

Another Excellent Holmes Story. This one really captured my attention, no doubt at least in part due to the unusual title. Some strange things here included the book’s title, which was incorrectly spelled, yet correctly in the body of the story. This was also the first Copland-Holmes story that was so rife with sexual innuendo! The thing that really gripes me is that the total amount of “story” is always 20% short due to the fact that synopses of other Copland books are included after the 80% of the story. Believe me when I say that the end came much too abruptly!

Frank Stanford – April 23, 2016

Cleverly done. I enjoy CSC’s reworking of Sherlock stories much more then expected, thinking initially it was , at least lazy, and at most sacrilegious. But, aside from a few author centric tropes that appear in each story, the New Sherlock Holmes Mysteries Collection make for very satisfying reads.

Iago1604 – April 21, 2016

INTERESTING “NEW” HOLMES STORY. It’s so great to read “new” Sherlock books. While not as well written as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, it was a quick and fun read.

LooneyMay 28, 2016

It’s a good read,

Satisfied Texan – November 5, 2015

Better than watching TV. The story itself was interesting, the characters were too simple and it ended abruptly. Being I don’t have other books to read at this time, I went to the Sherlock ones I had on my Kindle, they are still better than watching TV. Sherlock & Watson are put together well in this author’s writing, and I’m still reading some of his Sherlock stories that came in a 6 book bundle. There are other authors of Holmes stories that I just stopping reading they were so badly written, Copland is pretty good.

Mieslik – October 24, 2015

A very good take on The Sign of Four. I really liked the expose of the Injin.

David – January 1, 2015

Cute, and worthwhile to those who are immersed in the “Canon”. Interesting plot, with a denouement familiar to fans of Conan Doyle and Rex Stout. The writing is acceptable but not quite as good as either Conan Doyle or Stout. But that is a hard standard to achieve, the plot is worthy and some of the atmospheric details are unique (Combine the Magna Carta with Salvation Army?). And no less an authority as August Derleth once declared that writing a pastiche was harder than an original story because the author has less freedom. So relax and enjoy a minor gem.

Raczek’s Roughnecks – June 23, 2015

A fun and enjoyable read Written by someone who clearly has written with historical accuracy. This Sherlock pairs two of literature’s most iconic characters in one story. Arriving in London to find her husband, Scarlet wasn’t quite prepared for what awaited her. Her strength paired with Sherlock’s sleuthing not only resolve the reason for her being in London, but contribute to saving the Empire. A fun and enjoyable read written by someone who clearly has a love for both history and literature.

MGY – October 15, 2014

A Southern Belle meets Sherlock Holmes!. Had to read this as I’m a certified Windie. I found it amusing and enjoyed the GWTW parody Can imagine Rhett and Scarlett or Brett and Starlet in this story older wiser and together again! After all tomorrow is another day! Well played Mr Copland!

Michele –  May 22, 2016

5.0A nice Parody. I wasn’t too sure if I was ready for a new twist on my beloved Sherlock Holmes. But, Craig Stephen Copland really did a wonderful justice to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his wonderful characters.I loved Scarlet as a character and I love how Sassy this Sherlock was. A great easy read!

DevonTOP 1000 REVIEWER – July 26, 2015

Good time to be had. I liked this book. It was funny and had a good plot line. I suspect I would have really enjoyed it more if I were a ‘Gone With the Wind’ fan.

Sisk – June 12, 2015

Very entertaining. This was a very entertaining read. For people who like a fun Holmes read, this is a very good one.

Young Bae Kim – August 18, 2015

WONDERFUL BOOK. This book kept my interest until the end. I could not put it down. Mr. Copland stayed true to the characters of Holmes and Watson. Enjoy.
jeanne zabst – August 14, 2015

Well worth exploring. Quite in the spirit of the originals. Well written. Does justice to the spirit of Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. A few minor typos. Mattes for matters. As for us. Overall, the author does a nice job on his series of Sherlock novels.

in1ear (John Row) – January 26, 2015

Good read. Classic Sherlock! Good read.

Mary S. – January 14, 2015

Sherlock in New York. A wonderful story about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson in New York. Mr. Copland brings the duo to life in the United States beautifully. I’ve read all his series and await a new book anxiously.

Colette G. Girard – February 20, 2015

Five Stars. Nicely done; well written, captivating,

Joan R KnutsonOctober 11, 2014

Excellent and brilliantly mastered. Loved this style of writing. I truly enjoy well written detective story mixed with a spiritual twist. Like the author Dan Brown Mr Copland has a unique style and look forward to more of Sherlock Holmes. I enjoy reading about the yard by Alex grecian but Iike Mr Coplands as well for it does have humor. Will recommend this book

Kindle Customer – February 5, 2015

Must Read ! It was a lovely ready and the Christian theme was well done. The husband and wife character s were very witty and humorous. Would recommend it to anyone

Melissa – October 12, 2014

Thumbs up. An excellent Sherlock Holmes mystery. Well done!

Boomer – February 5, 2015

Awesome read glad to add it to my collection.

Randal – September 23, 2014